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Myrlande Affriany

Executive Members:
Andy Jeanty
Carl Drew​

Our Programs

Providing Health Care and Medical Training in Jacmel Haiti

Our primary mission it bring healthcare to Haiti while educating local Hatian doctors on the standards of advanced medicine.  The goal is to save lives today, while ensuring the future generation of Haitian doctors can save lives tomorrow. 

Providing Personal Care Education
Our secondary mission, is to educate the Haitian population we serve, on the proper ways to care for their personal health and the health of their families, while spreading the word on how to prevent disease and malnutrition.  

Providing Jobs to Locals

Our tertiary mission, is to employ and  train the local people.  By teaching various skill sets (medical training, translation, clerical skills), we not only help put food on their table today, but help ensure they can put food on their table tomorrow. 

Mission Trips to Haiti

Whether it's providing medical care or building clinics, being part of a mission trip is an experience that changes the life of both the served and the server.

Construction of Medical Clinic.
In order to bring a higher level of medical care and skill training to the table, we have begun the process of constructing our 1st permanent medical facility!

Millions of people suffer and die every year in Haiti because they don’t have the most basic services of medical care available to them. Help us change that.


We have a simple mission: to improve the health and well-being of the underserved in the communities we serve in Haiti. While this sounds like a simple statement, without social infrastructure and general education in the areas we serve, it can be incredibly difficult.  Angel Wings International aims to help communities develop sustainable, high level, healthcare and personal care education to everyone who needs it, in the communities it serves.

What We’re Doing

Health and Hope for Haiti

Your donation to Angel Wings will help

change lives in Haiti, and it is Tax Deductible!

Charitable Status: 501c3 Charity

IRS EIN Number: 26-3425703

History: AWI started in 2007

Tax Deduction: Donations to AWI are fully deductible to the extent of the law according to the IRS rules for donations to a charity. 

Stewardship:  AWI takes great pride in managing our donor's contributions to maximize it's impact on those we serve.  AWI's staff is fully volunteer in their efforts.