Build the Clinic

Engraved Plaque with donor's name!

Three great ways to help impact lives.

Your donation to Angel Wings will help save lives in Haiti, and it is Tax Deductible!

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"Sponsor a Child" was created as a way for donors to help give the children of Haiti, something they could never afford on their own... Health Care!

By sponsoring a child, you will ensure that the children of Jacmel, have a chance to survive life threatening diseases and illnesses.  Many of which can be treated with just basic medical care, but left untreated will take their life.

Every donation counts, and every donation has the potential to save a life.   

Very often, locals can not even afford a lifesaving medicine that cost under $10.  This is because, $10 is more than many make for two full days of work!

You donation, no matter how small, will help make a difference of those in need.

"Pave the Way" was created to help raise the funds necessary to continue construction on the Angel Wings medical clinic.  

Donating in this way, is fun, because you will have an engraved brick, that lines the pathway the patients walk along, as they enter the medical clinic.  

A constant reminder to them, that Haiti has not been forgotten by others.

Sponsor a Child​​

Give a child a life of health & nutrition!

Pave the Way​

Engrave brick with name or quote!

One Time Donation

Help us bring health and hope to Haiti!

DONATING on behalf of a mission trip VOLUNTEER?

You can enter their name in a box titled "Special Notes & Instructions".  

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Health and Hope for Haiti

“Build the Clinic" was created to help raise the funds necessary to build entire rooms on the Angel Wings medical clinic.  

By donating at this level, your donation will make a huge impact, because you will be helping to sponsor an entire room of the clinic and have an permanent plaque placed on the room you that you sponsored.  

Your donation to Angel Wings will help change lives in Haiti, and it is Tax Deductible!

Angel Wings International has been serving Haiti since 2007, and we take great pride in sharing that our staff and executives are volunteers, so your donations impacts those we serve.  AWI is an IRS approved 501c3 Charity, so your donations are tax deductible.  Click HERE, to see the IRS's approval page.   Our IRS EIN number is 26-3425703.