Health and Hope for Haiti

There are two different types of rooms you can sponsor.  Exam/Staff Rooms and Operating Related Rooms. 

Exam/Staff Rooms are tied to a $10,000 donation, and Operating Related Rooms are tied to a $20,000-$40,000 donation. 

To become a room donor, please click the "contact" tab in website menu and let us know you would like to donate at this level, and we send you a list of rooms still available to sponsor and donation level tied to that room.

Once we recieve your donation, we will contact you to inquire about the message or name you would like engraved on your plaque. 

Since it's inception in 2007, Angel Wings has been helping to save lives in Haiti.  We are now taking our care to the next level with a dedicated clinic!  Please help us in this mission to bring high quality medical care and services to Haiti!

Angel Wings International is excited to present a unique opportunity for you to leave a permanent mark on our new Medical Clinic.  Permanent donor plaques will be attached to specific Medical Rooms at the clinic, and will display the name of the room the donor who made that room possible.  A great and permanent symbol of how your donation has impacted the growth of the clinic. 

Build the Clinic Program

Exam Room Donors

Help us "Build the Clinic" 

Build the Clinic, is a way to have a significant impact in helping support the construction of the clinic. 

$10,000 per ROOM

Per Exam/Staff Related Room

$20,000 - $40,000

Per Operating Related Room

Operating Room Donor