COVID-19 Prevention and Relief Efforts

Covid-19 is ravishing our planet.  We are preparing ahead of it's hit here in Haiti and by focusing our efforts on prevention and preparation.  

We know that by preventing cases from occurring

we are able to save way more lives than by treating.

Our current efforts focus on both preventing the spread of COVID-19 and preparing to help those who do become infected and ill,  In these efforts we are helping local outlets spread prevention materials, educating: local medical facilities, schools, feeding centers, churches, and community leaders on the best practices they can share with their communities prevent the speed of the spread of COVID-19 in Haiti. 

Relief Trips:

We have a paused international group trips at this time, to help prevent the spread of infection across boarders, however we are continuing to provide help, treatment, and prevention with our local teams in Haiti.  We will continue future relief trips later this year when the spread of COVID-19 is controlled and travel is safe for both Haitian and those coming to provide aid.  

If you have medical experience, or would like to assist the medical or relief team, please fill out the form and our staff will reach out to you, to share more on the specific dates and need we have as trips are scheduled.   

Health and Hope for Haiti