Donation of Medical Supplies

Donation of Medical Supplies or Medications

​Angel Wings International has a continual need for medical supplies and medications. We purchase a majority of the medications we use, however our medications and supplies are always in short supply. There are different ways you can donate medical materials. Many expedition volunteers purchase and/or solicit these supplies from their communities and bring them on their trip to Haiti. Licensed medical practitioners can also order medications and supplies through MAP International and/or various pharmaceutical companies.

Currently, we are running shipping containers into Haiti approximately once per month from Miami. If you are interested in donating supplies and are not joining us on a trip, please contact us. Click here.

Angel Wings International will also need a full-range of medical equipment and supplies for its new clinic and hospital in Jacmel. This facility is desperately needed to serve the Jacmel population-- even more so now that the one "hospital" in the area was completely destroyed in the earthquake of January 2010. The following is a list of items always in great need on our expeditions and in our clinic:

NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot accept expired medications and/or supplies. These medications will not make it through customs! Thank you.

Urgently needed Items
Vitamins - Peds/Infant /Chewable/Drops - Adult & Prenatal (No gummy bear or jelly bean vitamins, please. They quickly melt in the extreme heat!)
Disinfectant wipes
Urine glucose tests
Urine pregnancy kits
Urine dipsticks

Continuously Needed Medications
Antacids and H2 blockersAntibiotic/Amoebicidestopicaloraloptic/gentamicin/sulfacetamide/erthromycinoticAntifungalsoral: Diflucan tabs, Nystatin S&Stopicalvaginal suppositoriesTopical corticosteroidsIbuprofen - Adult 200mg/400mg/600mgpediatric suspensionAcetaminophen - Adult 325mg/500mgPediatric suspensionPediatric chewablesInfant dropsAlbuterol inhalersDiphenhydramine hydrochloride / (benadryl) - Adult and pedicatric formulationsBlood pressure medications (our formulary utilizes HCTZ 25 mg, metoprolol, lisinopril, and amlodipine)LoperamideContinuously Needed Medical SuppliesDisposable and metal speculums4x4 / 2x2 / gauze - sterile and non-sterileNon-sterile and sterile exam gloves, large/mediumOral Rehydration Solution/packets OR GatoradeOral Syringes to dispense meds to infants and pedsChux/Underpads - protective absorbent pads for use under patients during proceduresDosing Ziplocs, all sizesKwell/Lindane shampooBath soap/shampooToothbrush/toothpasteReading glassesAlcohol wipesLong Q-tipsIV catheters #22, #20CondomsDiapersSanitary napkins

Health and Hope for Haiti