Health and Hope for Haiti

Mission Trip FAQ

How long are your mission trips?

6-12 days depending on the purpose of the trip.

Who can go on an Angel Wings International medical/construction mission trip?

If you have a heart to serve, the patients for a developing country, and the will to work hard... you are shaping up to be a great volunteer.  Volunteers will need to first submit the basic online inquiry form.  Once this is done, we will reach out to you for more information on your interest and skill set. 

What will my travel cost be, to participate in an Angel Wings International medical/construction mission trip?

In addition to covering the cost of your flights, you will need to pay a fixed trip fee.  This fee doesn't benefit AWI, it simply covers the direct cost related to your travel (i.e. cost of: land travel, food, water, lodging, tips, etc.)  The current trip fee is $1500 for a 6 day trip.

Is there a fundraising requirement to participate in an Angel Wings International medical/construction mission trip? 

To help make our mission trips possible, we need construction materials and medical supplies.  To make each mission possible, volunteers help to raise the funds needed to purchase these materials and supplies.  Each volunteer commits to raising a minimum of $2500 to help cover the cost of these medical supplies, materials, and equipment, 

How do I prepare and pack for a trip?

Once you are approved as a volunteer, we will catch you up on everything you need to know.

How can I donate supplies or medications?

Please click on the "Contact" link, and let us know you are interested in donating supplies/medication/etc.  We will then reach back out to you!