A healthy body and a healthy smile, certainly deserve a pair of healthy eyes!  Our new medical clinic gives us the ability bring visual testing and treatments to those in need. 

As we all know in North America, basic medical care is just one part of a healthy life.  In order to live a longer life, healthier life, free of disease we also need to take care of our teeth.  Angel Wings realizes this, and we want to provide our healthy patients with healthy smiles!  

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Health - Dental - Vision

Education - Clothing - Food - Lodging

Monthly visits to the doctor are essential for avoiding life-threatening situations like Lele's.  You can help Angel Wings International provide consistent, quality care for the families of Jacmel with a monthly sponsorship.

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Sponsor a Child

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Health - Dental

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Health - Dental - Vision

Sponsor a Child

The best way to save a life, is a little at a time.  It's consistent care, that helps a child to make it past their 5th year.

Health and Hope for Haiti

For some families we work with, access to healthcare, dental and vision will be life changing.  These services alone, will enable the family to live a long, healthy and happy life.  

For other families we work with, more help is needed.  For them, there is no chance of education for their children due to the cost associated with sending the children to school.  In fact, the parents themselves, very often skip meals for days, so their children have the bare basic necessities of life.  

Angel Wings see health as  more than just being physically healthy, a family needs to also have HOPE.  And... hope often comes from knowing they will have the food and clothing to survive, and that their children will be educated and able to provide for themselves and their own children to come.  

Sponsoring at the Guardian Level, means your are giving Hope where little hope exists.