For the safety of its people, the Haitian government has grounded all international flights.  At this time we are only able to run "in-country" trips using local staff and volunteers currently located in Haiti. We look forward to resuming international trips again soon. 

October 2019

Launched remote medical CLINICS!

May 2018

Medical grade septic system installed. 


January 2020

Began working on upgrading laboratory. 

The Lives We Impact

“Most of our citizens have never had access to even the most basic of medical care, until Angel Wings International began serving them.   Angel Wings came to us with open arms and big smiles, helping to cure the illness and diseases of those most in need of medical care.  

Angel Wings, is playing a big part in educating our citizens about the importance of healthy habits & disease prevention." 


Huges Paul,

Mayor of Jacmel

“I never realized what a need there was for medical care out there in the world. Living comfortably in America, it’s easy to forget that other people out there don’t have it as easy as you do. Volunteering with Angel Wings International opened my eyes and heart to a whole world of people I can help!”


Eric Gillman,

California Volunteer

  • Constructing the "Jacmel Clinic"
  • Providing Health Care in Haiti
  • Providing Personal Care Education
  • Medical Training & Education in Haiti
  • Providing Jobs to Locals in Haiti
  • Mission Trips to Haiti

Medical Care

We’re fortunate enough to just pick up the phone and have access to the world's best doctors and clean facilities.  For many people, though, getting access to something so basic is virtually impossible.

It’s important to us to be as open about what we do, as our doors are to those in need of medical care in Haiti.  This list details a majority of our recent initiatives that we need your participation in.


Where there’s disease, there’s need. We reach out to medical professionals, both locally and abroad, to provide high quality and sustainable health care solutions in Haiti.  We need your help, though.

Our Misson

Health and Hope for Haiti